First we had a covert hot dog missile launcher. Then a creepy shopping cart doll. Take those two, and then add in Patent no. 43,972: Improved Baby Jumper and Walker.

This invention consist in attaching a seat to a curved bar which is secured by a pivot in a socket attached to a base or support, the seat-bar having a spring connected to it and all arranged in such a manner that a very portable baby-jumper is obtained, and one which may with the greatest facility be converted into a baby-walker, when required…



It is characterized by a closed-bottom self-standing cup-like hollow base whose hollow portion provides a receptacle-capable of trapping surplus mustard, catsup, juices and drippings in a manner to keep the same from trickling on the users hands or clothing. The base supports a receiver having bun clasping fingers depending into the receptacle portion. An opening in the side wall of the base permits a usable napkin to be stuffed therein.

This invention relates to a server and holder for a sandwich, for example, a hot dog on a finger roll or bun, and has to do with an adaptation which is adapted to meet the purposes of waiters and Waitresses and, more significantly, the needs of unwary customers seated at tables, at quick lunch counters, in parked automobiles and so on. It is sanitary, virtually leakproof and in keeping with prevailing serving practice in that the component parts are made of economical disposable wax-paper, liquid resistant foldable sheet material, plastic sheet or equivalent throw-away material, as may be desired.

Yeah, sure, a “hot dog holder.” Clearly this is a missile-launcher-in-disguise!


Harness the Power of the Squirrel!

Maybe squirrels could be the solution to the world energy crisis. If a squirrel can power a game feeder, maybe an army of squirrels could power a whole city!

This invention relates to devices for dispensing granular feed, such as corn, to deer and other animals, more particularly, to devices that are powered by natural energy sources, rather than man-made sources such as batteries.